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Members' savvy input re utilities in Mct (Muscat)

My Property Management insists that nothing is wrong with my water and electricity meters/bills in spite of the amount shooting up to more than double since last year even on months that I was away on holiday. Before I completely shut up and accept this reality which I heard happens more than usual in Mct--I would like to hear from the smart and practical expats as being a consumer advocate myself, it is against my principle to follow things blindly.
The Management refuses to investigate saying it is useless to pursue it with the Ministry; refuses to have the meter checked saying it is a waste of 20 omr. Meantime, they cannot explain why in Sept Protected content example my electric bill was 34 omr and in Sept Protected content , it was 80 omr. It is this ignorance if you will, that irks me most. FYI, my villa/account is considered Commercial (a loophole, I reckon) and Management has negotiated to split the bill 50/50 with me since there are common areas in the compound that are connected to my villa. Still, not a fair deal as the (unexplained) increases on some months were more than double the average. For the sake of peace, I have to cave in to their wishes--I am leaving for good in 3 mos after all--but I've got a conscience and moral responsibility to resolve a problem instead of band-aiding it. Unless of course, if by pursuing an investigation, it will open a can of worms from the other side!

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