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MHD (Muscat)


I couldn't decide if i would write to a local newspaper or not, instead i decided to make a post here and see what people think.

Anyone that knows me, knows that i tend drive harder offroad than what my car should take, as a result, I tend to go through car parts quicker than most. Having lived in the Middle East for over 4 years I have become quite used to being over charged by the dealership for repairs. Typically parts are up to 2 1/2 times more than the UK. However this time MHD exceeded all expectations with an attempt to charge over 21 times the price!! Thankfully I had my thinking cap on that day, RO 90 for a bit of rubber did not seem right. MHD have a very nice policy of refusing to give customers parts numbers, so they can't check I am sure. However they can't refuse giving you estimate which basically tells you what the parts are. With the part number I discovered the part in the UK is Protected content , MHD would not budge.

Wanting the parts a bit quicker, a trip to Sharjah, 4no. for Dhs Protected content 4no. for RO 360!!!)

Thankfully MDH will fit the parts if you supply them,!!!

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