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Moving this summer to Nizwa (Muscat)


Hi all! Canadian lady on her way this summer! Of course, questions, questions, questions! I have not seen however, an answe to some of my questions and I would really apperciate the help! Thanks!!

1. Can you bring food from home in your luggage, ie. open packages of dry goods, like rice, coffee, etc., I plan to just empty out my cupboards rather than throw away. You cannot donate open packages of food. Also, how about sealed packages of same? I love my own brand of coffee!!

2. I plan to import my pets into the country once I am settled, with Air Aniaml, from the USA. I am Canadian but I have to get them there for pick up. Has anyone gone through this, and what can I expect? What do I need to do? Can I get Fancy Feast and scoopable cat litter in Muscat?

3. How is the expat community in Nizwa? I don't drive and won't be mobile too often.

4. How much are the flights to UAE for shopping trips?

5. Can I bring my boxed sets of DVDs into the country? Are any available by Amazon for example in Oman?

5. HUGE question - what is the internet and satellite tv situation in Nizwa?

OK, that is enough for now, I am sure I will be back. So, it is basically about the opened (and resealed of coures with tape) of dry foods. Oh! How about toiletries? Are there ANY restrictions besides porn, pork and alcohol?

THANK YOU!! Looking forward to the welcome wagon of a good group of Canucks in place!!!

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