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Moving to Muscat

I am looking for your unbaised recommendation to a small family with a kid who are considering to relocate from Singapore to Muscat - if you feel its worth to take that call then pls do help us with below:

1) How safe is Oman compared to other places Eg. Dubai /Singapore espically for
woman n kids .. hope you there with ur family ..

2) Which is the best housing place you recommend to stay as the work place would be near airport and avg rentals for the same (considering 1or 2 bhk house)?? Wat are the kind of rental agreements any advances to be paid ??

3) How are the medical facilities / hospital charges (considering child of age about 2 yrs).and average family medical insurance cost per month, and what all it covers.

4) Learnt Having a CAR is need over there ... Is getting driving licence very difficult ?? as i dont know driving

hope i would be able to get some positive response from you to evaluate my decision

Ramesh Dixit

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