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Moving to Oman (Muscat)

Good afternoon, I am arriving in Oman on Monday to start work at a PR and Marketing firm in Muscat.

I am moving by myself, which is either a lot easier or a lot harder depending on your point of view. I am excited about it though.

I'm British, from near London, but currently living in Canada. It's a long flight to Muscat from Toronto. Forums like this will be vital, I think, to me settling in.. I don't know where I'll be living yet, the company say they will book a hotel for me initially. Somewhere near the office.

I have been to the middle east before, I know what to expect and have friends in neighbouring countries - just not Oman. Although it looks beautiful and I am independent and confident, so don't see any major problems.

Everything i've seen from people on this forum and travel guide/ex pat sites suggests it's a lovely country with friendly locals and hectic roads - like most of the middle east in my experience.

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