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New Group (Muscat)

I am interested in starting a new group and wonder if I would have many takers.
I wanted to call it Delightful Decadence and as many of us are really busy with work like myself and we don't get to join regular events that we have an option of occasionally doing something really special.
I am thinking along the lines of breakfasts for business people, Afternoon High Teas, Cocktail hours, Day trips for those over committed elsewhere, musical interludes at the Opera House and other venues, Bedouin nights, weekends away days out sailing etc .
For me this is encompassing many individual groups I am a member of but the difference with a Decadent stylish Flair.
Because of this it may not appeal to everyone due to costs being a little higher or groups a little smaller or possibly some may wish to save for a special occasion.
I am aware that generally in the groups i am a member of, the Hosts try to always offer the best deal they can find to allow a bigger cross section of the community to attend.
I don't want it to be about going to as many events as possible but with the little free time some of us possess to spend it wisely and enjoy a few special occasions.
Doesn't mean I would forgo those group events I try to make with my friends here but I have found I miss all the best events due to working odd hours.
Would love peoples feed back

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