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New Mum to Oman (Muscat)


Hi Everyone.

We will be moving to Oman end of August and I'm busy trying to find out what I need to do to get my family settled. I'm from South Africa, moved to Britain in Protected content , had 2 kids, a boy, 7 and a girl, 9 and have been in Dubai for the last year. We are quite into our sport, so I am looking for the best place to join a gym which includes swimming lessons for the kids and I would like to try my hand at hockey again, seems like there is a club for that. My husband is into triathlons, we both like to do running and I like to do bootcamp type training. My kids enjoy karate and swimming, but always keen to try something new. Both did brownies and beavers in the UK and would love to get into clubs again. We are hoping to move to the Wave and they will be going to school at TLC.

If anyone can help me out with information on settling in and would like to meet up for a coffee, please let me know.


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