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Nizwa with baby and small kid (Muscat)

Hello all,

We - my partner and me, our then 6 month old and our three year old – will be most likely moving to Nizwa in September. I did go through the Internations postings but did not find any information on family life in Nizwa.
Could anybody provide some information on living with a family in Nizwa?
What is the situation regarding Kindergarten/Preschool? Any recommendations? What are the cost involved?
Are there any informal playgroups for babies and toddlers? Or any expat mothers network? Is there anything to bring, which I can not get for babies in Oman?
Is there a part of Nizwa which is particularly nice for families to live?
What about sports for the kids and ourselves? Any clubs to join? Swimming pools?
How is the medical situation? Any recommendations for Paediatricians?

Anything you think I should know before moving to Oman with two small kids?

Looking forward to getting some advice.

Greetings from Berlin

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