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Oman continues to be the most attractive Country (Muscat)

Oman has always been known for its tranquility, peace, natural beauty, friendliness, heritage, preservation of culture. In addition to that, you can count Oman as a perfect place to maintain a career. Low cost of living, income-tax-free, fair degree of job security and rapid economic growth are among the reasons why you should aim for a job in Oman.

Despite the government’s effort to promote “Omanization”, a term used to define the process of promoting Omanis to replace expats workers across all sectors, but demand for foreign expertise continue to rise. Clearly, the economic growth has been outrunning the number of Omanis reaching the job market.

The government’s effort to drift away from total dependence on oil as a main source of national income has ignited a boom in several other sectors. Giant industrial zones attached with mega seaports are being built to spur the share of industrial activities in the GDP. Besides, six new airports are under construction while adding hundreds of hospitality facilities to accommodate tourists from around the globe to enhance the contribution of tourism in the GDP.

Hot sectors in Oman, typically, include; oil and gas, airlines, hospitality and tourism, infrastructure, construction, healthcare and HR management and training.

Salaries in Oman range from $1, Protected content for professionals with basic qualifications and two years of experience. Accommodation, food and transportation are relatively less expensive compared to the rest of the GCC countries, except of Saudi maybe.

is oman still the most attractive Country to you an expat or not

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