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Opera Arts and Culture (Muscat)

Ok all, this is for now my official unofficial Opera group invite to join me in putting together a bunch of arts and culture lovers that centres around my place of work as a starting point.
Hopefully we may branch out to enjoy other expressions of performing arts and culture throughout the Sultanate.

So to get started I suggest we have an introduction coffee, sit and discuss group wishes and intentions and have a look a the ROHM schedule and plan what we would like to join together and see.
As finding a time shall not work for all I'm suggesting this coming WEDNESDAY EVE 4TH on the corner sofas at MORE CAFE in the OPERA GALLERIA from 7.30pm to 9.00pm

please state your availability here or if you bare unable to make it please message me privately with anything you may wish to add to the discussion.

Ps Barber of Saville starts the season on the 14th of September, have you got your tickets yet?

All suggestions welcome at meeting and any of the lovely people whom offered help in the group please come along.

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