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physiotherapy- infants developmental stage (Muscat)

I would like to offer private assessment and evaluation for little infants up to six months age. I am physiotherapist with over 10 years practise with kids and I worked with adults as well. During the treatment of infants I tried to help parents to understand child´s ontogeneze (development key and what to expect from child) and improve manipulation, handling, holding child (according to theory Kiedronová) or using special Vojta Therapy Neurodevelopmental treatment. Here are key points, which I pay attention to during child development: Quality- quantity (according to age), symmetry- asymmetry, tension of muscles, centre of gravity and body position- signal of extended spine and ability of spine to rotate (possibility to work with load), eye contact and mental development (maturity and ability to be motivated), releasing hands to grip (coordinated with muscles of shoulder girdles), releasing feet to grip space- walk, to vertical position (coordinates with muscles of pelvis girdles), reflexies and positions. I assess child in position lying prone, supine, sides and observe positionings of head, extremities, trunk as well as natural character of child. If u have any doubts or you are not sure about child developmental stage, do not hesitate and contact me: Petra Garbová, Protected content

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