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positive thinking?!!! (Muscat)

Actually speaking we all are living in a wordy world. Power of positive thinking and all about positive attitude .....We have so many management gurus and so many gurus who will teach us the power of positive thinking. ( at a handsome amount of fees of course ). Scientifically if you see, Positive and negative are words created by us. things and situations are never positive or negative, they are just what they are. Putting adjectives on them only complicates the matter.Main thing is whether you believe in yourself or not, and whether you can take life as it comes to you with equal readiness and happiness or not. Nature does not care at all for your being. we all are just a speck of cosmic dust, we come, we thrive and we go. Upnishads and all other scriptures are trying to explain phenomena called life from different angles. what we must understand is that we are temporary and try to savour the existance that makes us feel that we are WE. Knowledge also has limit, it is a limit of our own falsified or flawed cognition. Its time we stop thinking too much and start living and sharing life with all who loves us.

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