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Potential Wahiba Desert Camping 18th-19th April (Muscat)

Hello everyone!

At the last meet up event I got to talking to quite a few members, and many expressed a keen interest in organising activities that go beyond those that we can usually do in and around Muscat. Many people said that they would be very interested in participating in a weekend desert camping trip, so I have decided to guage the interest levels and organise something!

I will be completely honest here - I work as an adventure tour guide here in Oman. But before anyone points a finger at my accusing me of trying to profit from InterNations, I would like to ask them to try and put together a trip of this nature and tell me what price they come to. I would like to make it clear that it is BECAUSE of my position as an adventure tour guide that I can organise this trip at cost price - essentially, if we get 11 people confirmed, then that money all goes to covering the expenses of renting the 4x4s, experienced desert drivers, food, paying for lunches, camping equipment, etc. This is my passion and what I love to do, and not some money making scheme.

Here is what the potential programme is looking like: Travel by 4x4 (included) through the Hajjar mountains via Wadi Bani Awuf and stop to have a picnic lunch, visit the mud village of Al Hamra, visit the old town of Nizwa, its Fort and famous souq, enter the Wahiba desert and camp in the interior. Leave the next day and complete the desert crossing, following the coastal road, visit Wadi Tiwi and its villages, return to Muscat for the later afternoon.

What it would include; 4x4 car rental, Local drivers with desert driving experience, picnic lunch on Thursday, camping equipment and camp setup, dinner, lunch in a local restaurant on Friday.

This thread is not a confirmation of the above trip, but just a way of seeing how many people would be interested before I actually organize it. The price of the weekend would come to Protected content per person, with everything included. Looking forward to seeing what you guys think!

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