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Preparing move to Muscat as freelance translator

Hi, I am all new here and in the process of planning our relocation.

For this, I will visit Muscat in August for around 4 weeks to clarify things in detail. I will work from there for my existing customers which I have now, over the internet. I have been 3 times to Muscat before and found out we will save around Protected content ( Protected content ) per year compared to life here.

There are 3 basic questions:

1) As a (low paid, but I only need my laptop, internet, a printer and a phone, desk and table, that's it) freelance translator I only have a gross income of about between Protected content Protected content per month with a working time of around Protected content per week, which is the main reason that I go away from Germany in order to save a good part of costs (taxes etc.) also for having any old age pension later. Will this be sufficient to live in Muscat, if we live a modest life like here in Germany and also sufficient to save good amounts of money?

2) My wife is a professional kindergarten teacher half time at University hospital here, she also lead a kindergarten earlier. Is there any chance she may be able to work with German kids in the age between 3 and 5 or 6 years? Is there any demand for German speaking kindergarten teachers in Muscat? She also speaks English quite well.

3) Does anyone know how it works with money transfers from the European Union to Oman and vice versa? Is there a big currency loss or huge fees for money transfers which are to be taken into account?

We are a family of 4, but only my wife and me will go to Oman. Our 2 daughters will continue studies/begin Studies in Germany in other cities.

There is still a number of unknown items in my calculation which I do not find out so far, and I want to collect as much information as possible before I go there for using the time in the best way.

I hope you don't mind my long post and that I post the items which are part of living costs in Oman. But maybe it will also help others with planning. Some positions already have amounts in OMR indicated, where nothing applies, there is a 0, where I do not know anything, I have a ?

Thank you very much in advance!

Monthly charges off bank account in OMR

Appartment rent Protected content = 200

Motor vehicle leasing (possibly buying small used car) = ?
Mada Liberty Plus New! (Mobile) = 25
ADSL 24 Mbps Unlimited Home Broadband Tariff + fixed line phone unlimited to fixed line Omantel with Single Bill (plus 3.9 OMR) = 20
Electricity = 15
Heating/AC (included in electricity) = 0
Water = 5

Yearly charges off bank account in OMR
Motor vehicle tax = 0
Health insurance (Covering: Oman and Germany, 2 persons) = ?
Intensive old age care insurance, 2 persons = ?
All risks insurance and fire/theft insurance for motor vehicle = ?
Motor vehicle liability insurance = 150
Motor vehicle full damage insurance = ?
Householders insurance + glass = 50
Private liability insurance = ?
Personal accident insurance (2 persons) = ?
Broadcasting Fee (no fee) = 0
Income tax = 0
Tax advisor = 300
Legal protection insurance (traffic) = ?
Fuel costs Protected content = 7 l/100 km à 0,25 Euros = 250
Yearly medical test, Oman = 10
ID card = 10
Work visa permit = 100
Food average per person 40 per month x 2 persons = 80 x 12 = 960

...I really hope that most of it will turn out to be correctly estimated.

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