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Samsung Authorised Repair Centre - WARNING (Muscat)

I bought a Samsung phone in the UAE. A few months later it developed a problem. I took it to the Offical / Authorised Samsung Service Centre in Aziba where they "connected it to the Samsung diagnostic software to see if it was a firmware problem." Protected content later, they explained that the diagnostic software confirmed the motherboard needs replacing. Because I bought the phone in UAE, the warranty was invalid, but for 170RO they could replaced the motherboard. This would invalidate the waranty.
No wanting to pay such a large sum of money to repair something that was under warranty and that would invalidate the remainder of the warranty, I took the phone to UAE for repair. At the Service Centre there I explained what I had been told. The staff said immediately that the motherboard would not require replacing. They connected the phone to the diagnostic software and confirmed there was only a problem with the battery - cost about 13 RO.

Most shockingly, one of the 2 people in the UAE Service Centre then asked if the staff at the Muscat Service Centre were Indians. When I said they were, they smiled and shook their heads.

I don't know whether this indicates that the Muscat Samsung Service Centre staff are incompetent, corrupt (very profitable to charge someone Protected content for a 13 Ro fix) or a combination of both. I know I will never trust that place again.

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