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Small White dog, female, looking for loving home (Muscat)


I have been looking after a rescue dog for the past week and nursing her back to health, her progress is amazing so it's time to start looking for a nice home for her.

Here is her story- she was found hiding at the back of a warehouse and too scared to come out, she just had a litter of 8 pups a month ago when the desert wadi dogs found them and killed them all, the people who owned the warehouse were fed up of dogs roaming around so planned to shoot them, my husband was appalled so picked her up and took her home. We bathed her, took her to the vet to get her checked and she seems unbelievably healthy with a mega appetite for a small dog. The vet thinks that she is a Pomeranian Spitz cross.
I have been working hard with her and already is house trained, can do basic commands like sit, paw, stay and walk nicely on a lead. I called her Dolly due to her assets after the pups ;)
Dolly has been sleeping on our bedroom floor and is so loyal already it's hard to believe a week ago her life was so different.

We already have a massive German Shepherd and they have been getting along great so she is not scared to socialise. I really want to find her a loving home so I can help foster some more dogs in need!

Please let me know if you want to come meet little Dolly, we live in Azaiba and would be happy to hear from you :-)

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