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SSang Yong Actyon - 2008 model, M/T - For Sale (Muscat)

Good Day Guys this is a good entry level SUV, SSang Yong Actyon - Protected content , M/T.

It comes with a mercedes engine and is fully automatic except the transmission.

V-kool has been installed onto the vehicle and has been maintained very well by a single owner.

Purchase price : Protected content -, hence the market price with standard depreciation would be Protected content - . Asking only Protected content - and continue installments of 123/- p.m. for 22months. Hence, the price would be Protected content - of which you only pay Protected content - now and rest in installments in about 2 yrs... Best Offer!!!!!

Look at others feedbacks for the same vehicle:-

Herbert says:
June 12, Protected content 8:31 pm

I bought my Acton Sport 4X4 over a year ago and the more i drive it the more it grows on me. So what if it looks different from the rest of the crowd. it is for those that do not follow the rest. Like the sheep in Aussie. they follow one another. Ssanyong makes its own statments and those that drive them do so too.
Just drive it for a week and you will feel different from the rest believe me.

Lee Boon Leong says:
June 24, Protected content 4:16 am

I have owned one 9 months now and have not regretted buying it at all. Comfortable, frugal, very quiet interior, good hifi set. Good top speed 160kph is no problem at all. Worth the price I paid.

Ian says:
January 4, Protected content 8:33 am

Ssangyong. Yes I laughed too, until we traveled over 10,000ks in outback NT in a Musso towing a 2 tonne trailer. Handled everything the toyotas did and used half as much fuel. So I bought a Sports ute which has just done a highway trip from Canberra to Newcastle and used around half a tank (around 34lts for 560ks, you do the sums). As far as the looks go they grow on you. Michael I have not had that problem with mine.( 6 months and going strong) Has it got drum or disc rear brakes? Try the roadside assist hotline. It may be a warrentee issue.

Kamil Y says:
March 23, Protected content 1:35 pm

Well – as they say… you wouldn’t know it until you own one ! I bought mine – manual, full leather seats sport deck.. and that was 3 months ago. No regret – but I chose this UTE over my two other cars. Why – the power and torque just absorb you ! This gem can shame a hilux 2.5, nissan trooper, isuzu 2.5 and even the triton 2.5… hands down !! Doing Protected content is no sweat at all and cornering / handling beat all those wannabees as this is the only one with 4 coil spring and 4 all around disc brake. Small catch in terms if crgo handling… but then we are urban yuppies and not contractors… 4 golf bags and luggage and 4 golf buddies – we are o our way to hatyai… Malaysia to South Thailand is a breeze with Actyon ( need to have though… ). You want to know more… just email ok ….


Face says:
June 25, Protected content 11:13 am

Have a Protected content 4wd Auto … Best car i have ever owned… Love cuising up the freeways with the trailor cruising past the nissans and toyota’s who do the run up at the hills, then eventually drop behind on a rise… (while i have cruise control engaged).. Done Protected content without a problem, goes everywhere the “real” 4 wheel drives go, but in comfort and with ease… yeah it looks weird.. butt ugly like a landrover? or butt ugly like a pregnant nissan? thats your call as i cruise past you with my feet on the dashboard!

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