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Susi... (Muscat)

Dear All,

the most sad part when we moving out is to be separated with our Pet :(

Susi, my cat, is an omani cat which I adopted when she was 2 days old.
I took care of her just like I take care a baby, giving milk feeding every 3h when she was 1 month old, every 5h when she was 2 month, teaching her how to poo and pee in her own place, etc...

Now Susi is 2 years old... she grows up happy and healthy as smart and clean house cat. been sterilized/full vaccine and never go out from house.

My sudden decision to move to Indonesia is giving me no chance to arrange susi"s documents to come with me.I am already in Indonesia and will be coming to Oman for a week to settle everything including My Susi.

so friends, if you love cat and don;t mind to have one more cat like Susi, I would be happy to let you adopt her.

Please let me know by replying my message bellow.

thanks so much in advance.


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