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Tai Chi Classes at Hayati Spa and Studio (Muscat)


a sport which combines martial arts, Kung Fu and yoga poses and enhances breathing.It can be called moving meditation.

Tai Chi is an orchestrated slowness, and that is its main strength


clears and brings a new sense of quietness to the mind and body.

Regular practice trains your powers of concentration, improves your mental awareness, and teaches you how to control stress

The physical exercises combined with good breathing techniques help to improve your posture, flexibility, and balance.

Tai Chi breathing techniques relax the muscles and nervous system, which in turn aids the functioning of the internal organs

Tai Chi improves the digestion, lowers the blood pressure, and boosts the immune system

Tai Chi detoxifies your digestive system, tones your body muscles, makes you sweat and shed off piled kg s


Nazeeha or Nez for short;an amateur Tai Chi fanatic, been trained by Mr Hong, a South Korean acupuncturist and pastor back in Tunisia in Protected content


Hayati Spa and Studio,

just enter from Grand Hayatt's main gate, the one which is opposite the back side of Coral hotel. Head toward the end of the parking alley.Once you get out of the alley you 'll find a street, drive 10 meters left then turn right a pinkish and violet building
will face you


Sat :8.30 to 9.30
Sun :8.30 to 9.30
Mon :8.30 to 9.30


Majd r Salima at Protected content Protected content


having drunk Protected content of warm water flavoured with lemon juice, honey or ginger or combined with these three, at home, head towards the gym where the best settings to breathe easy awaits you.

being punctual

being disciplined

no talking while breathing.

wear cotton comfy clothes


feel free to ask about anything you like, I ll be there for you

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