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To move or not to move... (Muscat)

I think that I'm about to be offered a job in a professonal services firm in Muscat-I'm currently in Sydney where I've got a good job. I have a wife and 2 small kids (2.5 years and 2 months). I'm very keen to accept this role (assuming I am offered it) but have no idea about:

1. Cost of living for a 3 bedroom place, presumably furnished, in Muscat
2. Standard of Childcare facilities and whether its easy to get in- I'd want my 2.5 year old to go to a few days a week
3. Whether we need a car and the costs associated with this
4. Immunization of babies (in Australia babies have various immunizations from birth to around the age of 3).
5. If there a lots of things for my wife to do during the week as ill be the one working.

Would appreciate any tips/advice regarding the above given my family situation.


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