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Transportation around muscat (Muscat)

hello to all

this is my first post on inter nations, unfortunately i haven't had time to visit the site and connect with others on various topics

I have been here in muscat for 6 months, 5 months alone , my wife , daughter and mother in law recently moved here. as my daughter starts school next week, we are in desperate need of transportation to Royal flight school from Mawaleh north ( near wave muscat ) My wife does not currently hold a British driving license, with it taking time to obtain a license here in muscat ( also she is very un comfortable with driving in oman )

so we are looking for a driver ( full or part time ) provided with a car ( until we purchase a car ) or any ideas of a solution to this matter would be extremely appreciated, as at this point of time we are new here and in a slight fiddle for getting round to school drop off and pick up due to my work hours.

hope to hear some feedback



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