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visa info and much more ! (Muscat)

hi everyone :) I received a scan of my employment visa, and both my passport number and name are absolutely wrong! Ten days before flying from Athens to Oman, I have only received my ticket and no information on who is picking me up from the airport or which hotel I will be staying at for a week until I get to rent a car and a house. Are these procedures normal for Oman? The college that hires me to teach English (IMCO in Sohar) does not offer a pre-joining visit, so I have no idea of what I will have to face while there...

I have lived in Syria and Lebanon before, I had Iqama there, and the authorities there never got my passport number or name wrong ! I am really worried that my job offer is a scam! I don't want to fly to Oman and then vanish in its dunes forever...

Please give me some feedback!
Thanks, Efi

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