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Volunteering (Muscat)

Dear All,

This is not an employment request or me seeking a job. I’m just after evening or weekend voluntary work (unpaid) I am a 31 year old Male and for the past 5+ years alongside my career I have been very active with community work (evenings and weekends). I believe in having social responsibility and genuinely like helping those who need help. I've worked in several areas:

Youth Work/Clubs/Juvenile Center
Criminal Rehabilitation Projects – Alcohol & Drugs
Marriage counselling
Housing/ Medical

I've volunteered in many recognized charity projects in Europe, North America, Russian Federation and have enjoyed the satisfaction gained. Its worth more than any money to me!!

Please e-mail me any Muscat based projects whether for local or international communities, charities work however small or big. I will be happy to discuss further if I feel suitable or not for the cause!

I look forward to your response. Many thanks!

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