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Wounded cat (Muscat)

Help needed! Found a young cat which needs a new home!! Currently she is in a veterinary clinic cause she is wounded at the tail. I have been payed everything but now she needs a new home cause I am leaving oman next week and i am living in a hotel. It is not allowed to take care for her there, but her surgical dressing needs to be changed during the next week (no following costs, it is possible to do it at home). that means she cannot go back to street right now. i wish to find a permanent new home for her but better than nothing would be someone who takes care of her the next days. Is there anybody of you who wants to give her a new home, she really needs your help! I will pick it up from the clinic and bring it to your place, no problem. She is soo lovely please give her a chance to survive!
Thank you!


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