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Have Advice for Teaching English in Japan? (Nagoya)

What: A book consisting of interviews of English teachers currently living in Japan. The book will seek to answer all the questions a teacher moving to a foreign country typically has: How much can I make? Where are the best places to live? What’s it like? Etc.

How: Send me an email with the following info:

1. name (first will do)
2. age
3. hometown
4. current location
5. how long you’ve been in Japan
6. where you work (type of school)
7. one small bit of advice for someone thinking of teaching there.

Compensation: $15 (for about a 30 minute chat)

If you’re selected, I’ll arrange to send you the money via PayPal, after which we can set up a day and time to conduct the interview, either via Skype or phone.

About Me: I’m an English teacher from the States, currently living and teaching in Prague. I did a similar version of the book for the Czech Republic, and now want to try it for several Asian countries. If you like, I can send you the Czech version. Just ask.


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