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I am new here could anyone help please? (Nagoya)

Dear everybody,

I would be grateful if anyone could give me some advice on how I could develop my career here in Japan, what sort of things are sort after if your qualification and work expereince come from British background etc. I suppose it depends on the types of work you are looking for but I would like to top up some new skills. And also I would like to know where I could look for any British employer based in Nagoya or even Tokai, Kinki region?(beignning to think it is a wishful thinking) It might sound daft but I'm also looking for the ways to get some British qualification(doesn't have to be but anything I could get in English preferrably) I could get here in Japan if there is such a thing! Mainly to develop my career here as I have been away from Japan for donkeys years as we say and I feel more comfortable doing things in English rather than in Japanese!! This is sooo embarssing but worth trying I thought...

Thank you.

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