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Airtel (Nairobi)

What's happened to Aitel?

Theu once disconnected my line (one of Protected content our corproate account) for allegedly failing to pay their bill - which was not even due yet... In the meantime they told my office everything was okay and if my line is not working pls visit their shop. Well, sure you guessed what's happened when I reached them there... No apologies, of course.

Now, since August 26th, my line is silent, and they cannot fix it. Each time they interrogate me on the content of the problem, each time the promise is to fix it in the next Protected content hours, various messages to me and my office the problem is fixed (it has never been), and each time they know whom they are dealing with (i.e. risking corproate account).

That reveals so many problems in their domain:
1) They have acute problem with software (or/and their engineers, which I believe is kmore accurate);
2) They cannot cope with increased market share
3) They do not have proper training of customer service people;
4) Communciation between front desk and back office is flawed
5) Staff motivation is low
6) KAM is a mess

I also have a very good reason to believe they have serious problem with lack of proper hardware.

Give me two reasons why I shoudl continue with them? Well, one is their competitors are not much better, true...

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