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Airtel forever (Nairobi)

Almost two years ago I wrote about Airtel here. Which means Airtel has been having their problems for at least two years by now. Recent experience was the worst one can experience: we lost money, and lots of it.

Someone hacked into Airtel server and used the number of one of my staff to transfer GB's of data . Always at night. We spotted inflated bill, asked Airtel for details. Nothing. Then next month another bill came, with data charges amoniting to whooping KES70k. We asked for details again, wrote back about clear signs of hacking, Airtel came back claiming charges were correct (of course they were!) We used the phone only on calling ourselves, keeping it mostly swtiched off and even battery removed. Next month yet another bill came, the same story! We paid total around KES150k, and Airtel never acknowledged their fault. Just do not use them.

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