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Beware of Fraud Realtors/Agents (Nairobi)

I recently moved to Nairobi (exactly a month today). I have finally found a good house with a lot of help from friends from NES. But I wanted to share an initial bad experience with one of the Real estate agents, (listed in Sarit Center). His name is Charles he is bald, with thin frame and short (wish i had a pic) and maybe late fifties. He convinced me to pay him Protected content to show the house and said that it would be deducted from the 1st month rent once i finalize the house. But I insisted that i will pay only after i like the house. He said that this was the practice here and if not he cannot show me any house, and since i was tired of living in a hotel i agreed as i really wanted to move into my own crib. But after i paid him he took me to some of the worst places in westlands/parklands area and none of the houses were open. I told him to return the money since i couldnt see the inside of any house he showed, then he started showing his true color after that. So I dont want any new ex pats to go through this.

Basically these are the rules that i should have followed which i didnt, but hope others looking for houses can:

Do not pay the agent to show you the house, the actual practice in Kenya is that the owner pays for commission
Do not be swayed or fooled by any tall stories that these agents give, just walk away if the agent refuses to show houses/apartments if not paid in advance, its a sign he is a crook.

The number of this agent charles is Protected content , please avoid him.



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