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British lady moving to Nairobi - a few questions!

Hi, I am moving to Nairobi on the 15th August, due my husband's work commitments. Since I left the UK I have lived in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Algeria, and I expect Kenya will be something different!

*Kilimani - what's it like?
Initially we will be accommodated in Kilimani. I believe there is a small mall/supermarket there on Lenana Road. Will it be ok for me to walk to it on my own during the day? How safe is the area?

*What clothes should I bring?
I will only be able to bring one suitcase of clothes so I would like to know what I will need (regarding the weather) to last me until Christmas.
Please also let me know what is culturally acceptable/advisable to wear i.e. are short sleeves/knee length items ok?

*Are there any expat clubs I can join?
My husband will be at work all day and we have no children, so I need to find things to do!! I'd like to make friends will other expat ladies. Please drop me a line if you are interested. LADIES ONLY PLEASE.

*Are there any employment opportunities?
I am a former Marketing Manager Protected content experience) and might be interested in any office based work available - even if it is just basic admin. I have also recently obtained the Cambridge CELTA certificate, to teach English to speakers of other languages. I would also consider voluntary work for a charity. Please drop me a line if you know of anything suitable!

*Any dance classes going on?
I particularly enjoy salsa but will try anything!

Any advice on the above gratefully received!
Many thanks :)

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