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Business Operations Consultant - Job Opening (Nairobi)

Job Description

Job Title: Business Operations Consultant (s) (Fellowship)
Reports to: Business Operations Manager
Level: Associate position with significant growth and upward mobility potential
Compensation: Fellowship based compensation
Location: Kilifi head office with <10% field work and travel

Komaza is looking for a full-time Business Operations Consultants for various programs and projects with various project durations (usually between 3 to 12 months) based out of its Kilifi, Kenya office to design, build and implement long lasting programs for its business operations department. This is a dynamic and diverse position with significant opportunity for growth in case there is interest in running longer with a project including joining other teams and departments s projects diversify.
The Role:
Komaza’s Business Operations department will serve as an internal consulting function for short-term and/or high-technical work and projects. This department will do everything from writing technical handbooks and redesigning department’s organizational structures and strategy. BizOps will work across the entire organization to coordinate cross-functional efforts, as well as dig in deep to a specific department’s operations, to serve the strategic and operational needs of the fast-growing company.
The Business Operations Consultant must always be answering the question, “How can I improve this system?”, “How can I fix this process?”, “What do we need to make this work?”. The consultant will always be on his/her toes, quick to find creative and cost effective solutions to a specific challenges.
As the Business Operations Consultant, a typical day might include:
- Building a financial model from scratch
- Visiting the field to follow a technical expert and document his/her every move then writing an SOP about it
- Planning the logistics operations for a field based project
- Creating a template for documenting project scope, timeline, budget and deliverables… then being asked to make it half as long and twice as easy to use
- Surfing the internet to see what resources already exist for a solution to a challenge, then taking it, scraping most of it and building it better
This job might be for you, if:
- You love building puzzles and solving riddles
- You love understanding an operational challenge and coming up with a sustainable solution
- You get bored doing the same thing day after day
- You love analysing data in Excel and providing meaningful answers from the information
- You love producing high-quality polished work no matter the audience or context of the work

Currently we are looking for consultants for following BizOps projects:
Organizational Design:
- Analyzie various needs extracted from the business model and translate them into field based operations
- Assess development needs of field based teams
- Define metrics and create assessments for the success of those teams
- Create SOP and handbooks

Harvest Systems Development:
- Identify and create tools and materials for information and data collection as well as analysis for operational and management decision making
- Specify information systems to capture and analyse data
- Create relevant documentation
- Project planning of harvesting operations

How to get this job:
In order to land this awesome opportunity you will need to love helping and growing people. A Bachelor’s degree in any related field and about 3 years work experience will definitely be helpful. If you want to move to sunny Kilifi on the Kenyan coast, do something meaningful which will have huge impact on the local communities, are not afraid of a complex and tough job, and want to grow professionally and personally then please apply for this role. Please send your maximum 3 page-CV and a cover letter detailing why you are the right fit as well as why you want to work for Komaza to Protected content with “REF: BUSINESS OPERATIONS CONSULTANT APPLICATION” in the subject matter line. Please do not send your academic documents and any other documents not asked for in this job ad.

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