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Calling Visa Issuing Banks (Nairobi)

Global Technology Partners is calling out all Visa issuing bank in Kenya and surrounding countries!!! If you are a Visa issuing Bank and are currently looking for a Visa Classic Prepaid solutions to enter that market look no further!

As leaders in the prepaid sector GTP is confident that it can provide the best solutions to address those needs. GTP is a powerful and intuitive prepaid processing solution platform with proven multifunctional capabilities which has been successfully deployed throughout numerous countries.

Prepaid programs have shown to be a very effective way to reach the unbanked/under banked population empowering them with an electronic wallet accepted throughout the world. It has proven to be more than just a payment tool but also an educational system teaching financial responsibility as well. There is a paradigm shift occurring in the financial sector at a worldwide level and prepaid solutions are at the top of the list as more and more consumers are looking too prepaid as their alternative solution to conventional banking.

The GTP System offers Banks the flexibility not available through any other service provider responding. A GTP System serviced prepaid wallet can be interfaced with any financial transaction network in the world. This wallet can currently be linked to a closed loop network within one country, P2P (Person-to-Person) transfer, international remittances, Bill pay, online purchasing, payroll disbursements, gift cards, corporate expense, per diem disbursement, university student card, discount card, virtual card and general purpose, worldwide usage cards, mobile phone P2P payment network. The GTP System is configured to route each transaction through the network the wallet account holder is using. This means that an account holder transaction with a merchant in a closed loop network is processed exclusively within that system. If a Visa prepaid debit card has been issued to the account holder, the account may also be used to purchase goods and services over the internet or from Visa sponsored merchants worldwide or to make ATM withdraws anywhere in the world as this is a Visa “Classic” Prepaid card...

If you are interested in more information regarding your banks future in the competitive financial industry please send your queries to:

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Best wishes to all!

Jean-Michel Balaguer
VP International Development

Nairobi Forum