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Children Golf Set for Sale (Nairobi)

The Young Gun SGS (Start Golf Seriously) set is designed for juniors who are new to the game and taking the first few swings of their golfing career.


Protected content 18° 3 wood. This higher lofted wood is ideal for junior golfers whose slower swing speeds mean it can be difficult to get drives airborne. Graphite shaft to help generate more club head speed.
Protected content 7 Iron with a cavity back design which is easier to hit and more forgiving. Fitted with a graphite shaft - this lighter material helps golfers with slower swing speeds generate more club head speed and in turn, more distance. Fitted with Young Gun all weather grip.
Protected content Putter with easy alignment aid - the mallet style design helps a junior golfer develop more consistency and is again more forgiving for them. Fitted with steel shaft and Young Gun putter grip.
Protected content Golf Bag with padded strap and storage pocket.

The set is 1 year old and has hardly been used.
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