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Expat compensation packages in Kenya - help... (Nairobi)


Perhaps you can help me.

I’m an American technology executive, considering a move to Kenya, and would be seeking an executive business development or management position with technology firms, especially those that specialize in computing infrastructure, network services, mobile applications and cloud computing, etc.

I’m currently in discussions with one potential employer, but haven’t yet discussed compensation at a detailed level, which brings me to my request for info.

What insights do you have for Americans moving to and living in Nairobi? It would be me and my wife - we're "empty nesters", in our early-mid 50's, active, love the outdoors, adventurous but not reckless, like meeting new people, and enjoy new experiences. We're currently in Saudi Arabia, and considering whether Kenya is a good "next place" for us.

I'm trying to find out what the “typical” compensation packages for executives of technology companies in Kenya. I realize that there are very broad ranges, but am looking for information regarding any of the following:
1. Base salaries (is a range of $150K to 250K USD reasonable or excessive?)
2. Bonus (for business development exec, VP sales, MDs, etc.) of $100K-$150K USD - again, reasonable or excessive?
3. Is accommodation included or a stipend provided, and if so, is it a % or flat rate?
4. Is a car usually provided? Or transportation with car and driver?
5. Do vacation periods range from Protected content , or is it less?
6. For an expat like myself, is there normally a relocation package?
7. Are annual airfares to point of origin a usual perk?
8. What have I missed?

If you have answers or know of someone who could answer any or all of these, it would be enormously helpful and greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


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