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Free chat sessions: Learn Vihangam Yog Meditation (Nairobi)

Dear Friends,

If you always wondered on what meditation or Yoga is....and wanted to clarify or understand before deciding but never had a true opportunity to connect and ask any yoga practioner.... here you go... we are offering you this opportunity.

We are oraganising free chat sessions to take all your questions and clarifications on this topic by our experts within the Vihangam Yoga Meditation practice.

Drop in an email on Protected content . We will strucuture a chat session for you and inform.

You can also connect to us on skype at sprakash68; internations group page : Meditation: Vihangam Yoga; facebook page : Vihangam Yoga Meditation: East Africa


Vihangam Yoga is an ancient and scientific meditatation practice that starts with learning the science of controling our 5 sense organs and 4 internal organs (mind, intellect, ego, memory cells) to exploit the full potential of our human body and gain mental, physical and emotional well being. With regular 15 minutes practice daily, practioners develop immense sense of self belief, peace of mind, balance in emotions, stress management and leading finally to spiritual Self realisation. This scientific meditation technique is being practiced all over the world currently by true seekers. People are being introduced to the practice through voluntary camps, corporate workshops and social community initiatives.

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