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Hello all!! (Nairobi)

We are moving to Nairobi in June of this year and have no clue abt anything!!
Would appreciate any info. we can get.

I have an 8yr old and my wife will be moving, i will be working at the airport. we have heard that the commute is pretty bad!!we have lived and worked in Mumbai India, and there traffic is bad!!
if anyone can help with which areas are good to live in with a child where there might be other families with kids.
Also how much does a 3-4bdrm townhouse/independent UNFURNISHED home cost in such areas as Westlands?(or any similar area)
we are looking at Aga Khan Academy for our child as she is in an IB school right now. Is there anyone out there with kids going to Aga Khan?
Also maid services for full-time and part-time, as to how much they cost?

Many thanks!!

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