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Help collect 100,000 blankets (Nairobi)

Good morning! I think we should start the Elderly and Cold Campaign earlier than planned. The rains are here and it is flipping cold and wet. Please if you can support with soup, bread, firewood, blankets, warm clothing, I shall really appreciate. Let us keep Pneumonia away from taking our elderly people this coming wet and cold season. We can do it, you know and we shall do it! 50,000 to 100,000 blankets PLEASE!

I know 99.9% of all who are reading this have had a cup of tea, coffee, hot water, breakfast, brunch, in boots/socks to keep warm, in a air conditioned car, heated rooms, name it. You slept in a warm bed, all covered up to keep warm. Imagine an elderly person alone at home with no firewood, food, water, warm clothing, blankets, someone to cook for them...... THEY ARE THERE! Trust me folks, they are there and they belong to us!

Some shelters of some vulnerable elderly people are flooded with water others are just hungry and cold. Please let us come together collectively and make a difference in the lives of our people. We shall all have a need one day and most importantly, you will get old too and all the symptoms of age are not selective, they are there to stay in old age guys! However, we can make them comfortable in old age. Wrinkles among others that you all know will catch up with you too!

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