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The Kenya Citizen and immigration regulations, Protected content was published in the Kenya Gazette supplement-No 63 of Protected content out the new requirements and costs of obtaining work permits, passes and visas as set out herein below.
Class B Agriculture and animal husbandry Class F
Class C Prescribed profession Class J
Class D Employment Class A
Class B
Class C
Class D
Class F Specific manufacturing Class I
Class G Specific trade, Business or Consultancy Class H
Class I Approved religious or charitable activities Class E
Class K Ordinary residents Class K
Class M Refugees N/A

A class K Permit shall be issued to persons who are with thirty five Protected content old and above. The permit shall not be issued unless the applicant has proved that he has funds or at his disposition an assured annual income of at least twenty four thousand (USD 24, Protected content

Class C-prescribed profession NO Profession QUALIFICATION
1 Medical profession Any persons who would be entitled to registration as a medical practitioner under the medical practitioners and Dentist act
2 Dentists Any person who would be entitled to registration as a
dentist under the MP & Dentist act
3 Legal profession Any person who is an advocate within the meaning of the Advocates Act
4 Surveyors Any person licensed as a surveyor under the act
5 Architects /quantity surveyors Any person who would be entitled to registration as an architect or quantity surveyor under the respective act
6 Engineers Member or associate of the following institutions;-
Mining, civil, naval Architects, Municipal & Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Mining & metallurgy, Electronic & Radio Engineers, Gas, Aeronautical/royal Aeronautical engineers
7 Nursing profession
8 Physiotherapists
9 Accountants
10 Information and communication experts
11 Scientists
12 Actuaries

Validity of the permit
As per the regulations, it provides that a permit will cease to be valid if the person in respect of whom the permit is issued fails to enter the country within ninety Protected content from the date of issue.
Period of Validity of Permits & Renewals
The period of validity of a permit shall be determined by the Director, but according to the new provision, it states that no permit shall be issued or renewed under the act for a period Exceeding five years from date of issue, or renewal as the case may be.
Termination of Employment
An employer shall, within 15 days, from the date of termination of employment, notify in writing the director-immigration services of such termination of employment. Any employer who contravenes this regulation commits an offence.

Any offences which no penalty is specifically provided shall be punishable by a fine not exceeding Kenya Shillings two hundred thousand (KSH 200, Protected content imprisonment for a term not exceeding one Protected content or to both.
Invalidation of approval for non-payment of fees
An approval for issuance of a permit shall cease to be valid if the requisite fee has not been paid within a period of thirty Protected content from the date of such notification.
Invalidation of a work permit
Where a person has been issued to a person, and that person;-
• Fails, without the written approval of the director, to engage within ninety days of the date of issue of the permit or of that person’s entry into Kenya, whichever is the earlier, in the employment, occupation, trade, business or profession in respect of which the permit was issued or take up residence;
• Ceases to engage in the said employment, occupation, trade, business or profession; or
• Engages in any employment, occupation, trade business or profession, whether or not for remuneration or profit, other than employment, occupation, trade, business or profession referred to above.

The permit shall cease to be valid and the presence of that person in Kenya shall be unlawful

Dependant’s pass Dependants of;-
i. Kenyan citizens;
ii. Holder of a work permit
iii. Exempted persons to whom section 34 of the act applies
iv. Permanent resident
To be specified in the pass
Student’s pass A person seeking to enter into and remain in Kenya for the purposes of receiving education or training institution in Kenya To be specified in the pass
Intern/researcher’s pass A person seeking to enter or remain in Kenya for the purposes of internship or academic research Period not exceeding twelve months
Visitor’s pass A person who wishes to enter Kenya-
i. For the purposes of a holiday; or
ii. As a visitor; or
iii. For any other temporary purpose which an immigration officer may approve.
Period not exceeding six months from the date of entry into Kenya.
This period may be extended for such a further period.
Transit pass A person who-
i. Intends to e

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