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Looking for a Job in Nairobi

Please feel free to contact me: Protected content

I have a passion for Africa and I do see my further career and personal life here in East Africa. That’s why I´m currently looking for a new challenge and an opportunity where I can put my particular skills to use.

An internship post at the Austrian Embassy brought me to Nairobi and my ambitious work during the period, as well as my great interest in environmental issues and multilateral work, led to opportunity to work for the EU Deputy Permanent Representative to UNEP/UN HABITAT as an intern. Right now I´m engaged in the preparations for the environmental summit UNEA III – thru this I´m gaining more insight regarding global politics, diplomacy and the working practices of UN organization.

During my Geography Bachelor´s degree program I mainly focused on human-environment relations, learning the different links in and between natural, social and economic systems and took courses dealing with spatial planning, GIS, political geography and globalization as well as human and physical geography. I am confident that these courses provide me with a solid basis for the work in an international, interdisciplinary environment.

In addition to theoretical studies, I was also interested in putting the knowledge I gained into practice. For this reason, I started working in a planning office in Austria. During my work period I took part i.a. in developing spatial urban development plans and zoning plans, which provided me with a unique opportunity to practice my acquired skills and broaden my knowledge in geographical information systems.

My previous work and study experiences, along with my passion for Africa inspired and encouraged me to search for a full time job here in Kenya. Even my CV is comparatively short and I can´t boast with a 10-years work experience I managed to gain expertise in various fields alongside my academically education. I´m eager to learn and deepen my proficiencies and also to proof my skills in a new field of duties.

I´m ready to undertake responsibility, face new challenges and put all my enthusiasm, motivation and refreshing attitudes in my new work.

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