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Looking for a reliable car mechanic in Nairobi?

Are you having problems getting a good mechanic to service your car? I know someone super good!! Try out a guy in Kawangware called Eric on Protected content .

For the last two years I have been servicing my car at CMC coz I mistrusted jua kali mechanics and believed that with the official car dealer you get genuine parts and great service. They are a rip-off, at least CMC is and I learnt this painfully. My car would sometimes experience start problems; the CMC solution (after paying 6k for diagnosis) was to buy a new crankshaft and cranks shaft sensors at Kshs 250,000!! Eric located the problem on two wires leading to the crankshaft sensors that needed insulation and problem sorted with insulating tape for 50 bob from Dagoretti Corner. 7 months later, car running perfectly with no hint of any problem.

My brake booster used to release an irritating hissing sound because of a worn out seal. CMC solution was to buy a new brake booster at Kshs. 80,000. Eric modified the seal and refixed it with superglue at Protected content .

But most infuriatingly, when you service your car at the dealer, you leave your car and pick it up later. You never know what they replaced or didn't. You only get the invoice, which at CMC after a major service is never less than Kshs. 40,000. The last time when I chose to service my car with a mechanic, I found that CMC had never replaced the original fuel filter that came with the car, but it always appeared on my invoice after every major service. I find it hard to believe this is a problem at CMC only!!

Lessons learnt - if you wanna keep you car in good condition, get the genuine parts from the dealer but find yourself a trusted mechanic that you can also supervise. For me, I would strongly recommend Eric. He knows cars in and out; all types of cars including buses and trucks, explains the problem clearly, works fast but thoroughly and is super affordable.

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