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Medical insurance/Medical aid & banking (Nairobi)

Hi there,

We'll be moving to Nairobi (Karen) from RSA in Protected content looking for some answers and hoping someone out there has had experience and will be able to offer advice.

We have been desperately trying to find a medical aid that will cover us while we are in Kenya for the 3 years that will cover pre-existing conditions - my son is asthmatic so requires chonic medicines. I'm on chronic meds as well. Have tried many including Bupa and even as expensive as they are, they will not cover pre-existing conditions even though we have been on a medical aid scheme for as long as I can remember. We would need a medical insurance/medical aid that covered:
1) Day to day benifits i.e doctors, prescribed medicines, dental, optical, out of hospital radiology or specialist care (i.e. physio, etc)
2) Hospital care - private hospital care for operations or emergency treatment i.e. surgery, specialist, aftercare in-hospital, medicines, etc
3)Chronic meds - as mentioned previously, for myself and my son.
Please could someone let me know if they know of any options?
My husband will be working, I will not. Can both of us open seperate bank accounts or must it be joint? What is required to open a bank account in Kenya i.e. What permits, ID, proof of residence, etc? We would need internet banking as well, is this an option?
Thanks in advance for your help.

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