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Moving to Kenya in August. Advice needed. (Nairobi)

I am planning on moving to Nairobi in August and need some guidance on a few things. While I have traveled abroad, this will be my first extended stay and I need some helpful advice. Any information is so very much appreciated.

I am a teacher for lower grades and would love to be able to teach/volunteer while staying. What type of documentation should I bring along to be able to successfully apply for positions?

I plan on staying at least 7 months. What type of visa should I apply for considering this length of time and well as seeking employment?

What type of clothing would be appropriate for August-March? Also, what is socially acceptable clothing? (Is it frowned upon to wear knee-length skirts, sleeveless shirts, etc.)

I am having my dog shipped. I have looked into pricing and details about shipping animals. Anyone done this? Did you use a pet relocation service, or book the flights yourself? What issues, if any, came up?

Thanks everyone for taking a moment to help me. I really appreciate it!


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