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moving to nbo from pdx, us - ship vs replace (Nairobi)

hi everyone. i tried to read through the threads to check on things (previous topics) so i wouldn't repeat, hopefully i won't!

i lived in KE for six months so i am aware that perhaps there is more than people think that can be purchased in country vs shipping it. however, the quality of things (dishes, sheets, mattresses) are not quite always the same - i get things in the US from craig's list or thrift stores and you can always find great stuff that way. also when i lived in KE i noticed certain things (electronics) were quite costly. i'm wondering if:

1) other than the boards at sarit, etc., are there online places to price out household items?
2) has anyone chosen to ship over replace in country? was it worth it?
3) shipping wood/antique/musical instruments - any thoughts?
4) if i choose to ship, i have an idea of customs, etc costs but does anyone care to elaborate on their experiences?

thanks in advance!

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