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New book about Birds ! (Nairobi)

A closer look at some of the
wonderful birds of Kenya
Harriet Matsaert, Kevin Gichuki,
Edson Mlamba, Peter Muriithi,
Fleur Ng’weno and Peter Wairasho
Published by Nature Kenya
How does it feel to be a bird? Does the world look the same through a bird’s beady eyes? Does food taste the same when you eat it with a beak?
Kenya is home to over 1,000 species of birds. That’s more than almost anywhere else in the world. Being a Bird, Nature Kenya’s new children’s book, takes you on a journey through the mountains, forests, deserts, lakes and coast of Kenya, introducing some of the birds you will find there and sharing some fascinating facts about their behaviour and ecology.
Learn how the hornbill cements itself into a hollow tree when it nests to protect its chicks from predators! How birds use ants to help keep clean! How millions of Kenyan birds make the incredible journey to Europe and Asia every year, and how their young find their way back to Africa all on their own!
Life as a bird can be tough. This book will give you tips on how to help the birds that live around you.
Target Audience
Kenyan children (and their parents) age 6 and above
Focus for discussion in environmental studies in school
Families visiting Kenya to live or travel.
Conservation Goal
Our conservation Goal is that children all over Kenya should have access to this book. Knowing more about birds will increase their interest in, and concern for, birds. With this increased interest and awareness, the younger generation will be more likely to get involved in conservation and bird-friendly resource management.

Being a Bird is the work of a local group of bird enthusiasts. Fleur Ng’weno has led the Nature Kenya bird walks for the last 41 years; Kevin Gichuki, Edson Mlamba, Peter Muriithi and Peter Wairasho are ornithologists and safari guides; and Harriet Matsaert loves to paint birds! The book is available from all major bookshops and can be purchased with Mpesa from Nature Kenya (contact Norman on Protected content . Price is Protected content .

For more information, please contact Peter Wairasho Tel: Protected content Harriet Matsaert Tel: Protected content

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