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OF Giving for Charity (Nairobi)

Dear Folks,
Receive my warmest greetings and on behalf of the Change makers Inc, I wish to pass a thankful note to one ‘Ms.Mercy ndegwa,’ fellow member of this forum of expat group for the kindest and generous gesture of giving out her household items for charity. How great! It maketh one Human by giving to the less fortunate, an art that I would urge everyone to mind practice, its noble and healthy which trascends to real Altruism.
The items which were formerly considered to have outgone their usefulness and meant for disposal, turnout to be very useful to others, the less fortunate, to be precise.
Understand, Part of being a person is about helping others and also ‘the service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.’
Thus, my beloved folks, I beseech all of you with candour, beckoning with lots of humbleness, that you so happen to be keeping items that you feel like tired of them for whatever reason, and you honestly wish to dispose them off, be it clothing, shoes, beddings, Kitchenery, furniture, electronics, toys, machinery…I mean, anything that can be used again, don’t mind if its worn out provided can be refurbished/serviced, please feel free to contact me via my cellphone: Protected content Email: Protected content , and will surely come over for collection.
Some of the things the affluent or those with excesss consider non-worthy are gold to others, esp those in low income areas( slums, ghettos), if not charity/children homes, and can as well continue to serve for a good long period before they are deemed unuseful. Please, mind and dare to give, of essence and much prudent. Thanks in Advance.
Wokabi James Wambugu, Msc.Public Policy
Change Makers Inc
FB: @wambugu wa Wokabi

“Not he who has much is rich but he who gives much.”
―Erich Fromm

“Charity looks at the need and not at the cause.”
―German Proverb

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