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Possible move to Nairobi

Hi all - Greetings from a cold and damp UK.

I have been asked to consider working in Nairobi for someone I know in South Africa as I am originally from there. This can be anything from a couple of years to ...well...till I've decide I've had enough.
The opportunity sounds both fantastic and daunting and I could really use some advice.

The usual suspects on my list of questions will be:

- What a good salary would be in order to live well (I am not an extravagant
person, so comfortable with a little extra will be nice). I have no children but am
helping to supporting family back in the UK so will need to send some money
- Where to live and can you get good fully furnished appartments etc as I will
probably be leaving all behind. Or will it be better to ship everything over? Some
good letting agents will be useful to know about if anyone can direct me to a few.
- A good place to buy a car as I hear it's a bit of a mine field to find something
that's not going to break the bank or be 'broken' when you buy it.
- Medical insurance etc
- Any other advice would be good to have.

Sadly I have heard about the grenade attacks in Kenya and it will be interesting to know if this is the type of thing that is going to escalate? What the local opinion is on these attacks etc.

I think that's all for now.
Look forward to hearing from you

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