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Potentially Moving to Nairobi

Hey All,

Am new here but am looking for advise, don't want to be clouded by google searches etc but have been offered a role which would mean me moving to Nairobi.

I have a family one just hitting high school Protected content a toddler of 3 and a great wife but we were originally going to UAE but the role changed.

So before anyone jumps to any conclusions really not comparing like for like but also need to understand the same principals.

Whats the schools like and which ones
What area should I consider to live
What must us as a family accept when moving to kenya
v Important what is life like as an Expat wife
What is the social circle like for families

UAE common for all Expats to have a nannie - is this the same in Kenya ?

Lots of questions i know but things I must understand and soon

Any help greatly appreciated

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