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Printed Media, Banners, Brochures, Branding etc. (Nairobi)

Hi Guys, Happy New Year to all of you.
We have just started a new business venture in Kenya, but need some loyal honest customers who dont expect corruption to happen coz it wont !!

Maybe this is not the place to do this, but check us out.

We are competitive and started this business to do it right and try a new approach in Kenya, as Small business enterprise like ours is eventually going to employ more people than any big industry that send profits overseas, and Kenya is ready for change and to get more people working and off dependancy.

We turn around Quality Printed materials super quick and offer very competitive rates (but no back handers taken or expected and 100% honest). Our price is based on fair production costs with small and reasonable profit built in, no more, no less.
If we cant do it honest we aint gonna do it!!!

We print for NGO's/UN agencies, and others.

Call Monicah (please) for more info. on this on Protected content
(Identity Partner) Website is on the way.......coming soon !!!!!!!

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