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Question about living in Nairobi for expat

Hi, my husband is considering moving to Nairobi this year. But prior to make such a big decision, we are doing research about the city and country. Since we have 4 years old son, we have 5 main concerns. Anybody can help us to give insight information ?

1. Safety
How safe is Nairobi or Kenya in general ? What are things that you can't do there that are common in your origin country (e.g walking around neighborhood/driving etc)

2. School
Are there may international schools ? Any links or tuition fee information ? Are there expat communities that my son can meet new friends ? I will be full time housewife so i will need to meet other parents or have activities for my spare times.

3. Housing
Which area is better for family ? I prefer to live in residential area, apartment or villa. How about the renting fee ?

4. Health system
is there western standard hospital ? We will have good insurance so it won't be a problem as long as there is good health facility.

5. Commute
How you commute in Nairobi ? Driving by your self or having a driver ? Do you drive in the same side like in EU or like in UK ? Do you have car ? How is the price ? What about importing car from EU ?

Your help will be much appreciated



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