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Seeking Contract Opportunities - HR Technology (Nairobi)


I am currently based in the UK and moving to Nairobi later this year to marry my Fiancée. As such, I am looking to make relevant connections in my field – HR Technology and Information Systems.

My proposition is to offer bespoke HR technology consultancy services to companies in Kenya and East Africa. I have prepared a short profile providing some background and detail on the services I can offer.

Essentially, I am able to provide the following services for companies looking to leverage HR technology and harness the capabilities of a system to enhance their processes and operations.

• Conceptualisation of a suitable HRIS model
• Building a business case
• System sourcing, selection and procurement
• Project management
• Process mapping and modelling
• Testing and quality assurance
• Implementation, change management and training
• HR process re-engineering and tuning
• HRIS management and operational models

I am not selling a system – my services are non-biased and I will work with each client to provide a fully bespoke and professional service, tailored to meet their specific need and address key challenges.

I will be in Nairobi from 16th – 27th August (and permanently from mid-October), so would welcome an opportunity to meet in person. Alternatively, I can arrange a call at any time.

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Thank you in advance for your advice and support!

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